El Camino del Ray and El Chorro

El Camino Del Rey


We can guide you to and along the famous El Camino del Rey walkway. This much publicised route is a fantastic adventure that crosses some amazing territory. We use scrambling and via ferrata techniques to protect the route, but it should be stressed that the route has masses of exposure and needs a steady head.

The small village of El Chorro in Andalucia is justifiably famous amongst climbers as a fantastic winter rock climbing destination and the same dramatic limestone scenery also forms the backdrop to the King's Walkway ( El Camino del Rey / El Caminito del Rey).

El Camino del Rey is a narrow, man-made path that is suspended along the sides of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes (Gorge of Gaitanes) and contours along the walls of this narrow, steep sided cleft 100m above the Guadalhorce river below.

It predates the arrival of the climbers by 70 years and heralds from the hydroelectric works that started at the turn of the century - the gorge connects two large reservoirs and it was to connect these reservoirs and their hydroelectric plantsthat the path was originally built.

The work on the walkway was started in 1901 and it took four years for the construction workers to finish the walkway. The inauguration of the walkway had to wait until 1921 when Spanish King Alfonso XIII opened the dams and crossed the walkway. It has been called The King’s Pathway ever since.

El Camino del Rey as it enters the gorgeThe pathway has gradually fallen into disrepair although it is used regularly by climbers to access the multitude of climbs that line the walls of the gorge. The fragile nature of the construction is quite impressive - a lot of the climbs in the gorge start at on the ground and finish on the walkway and it was quite a shock the first time I saw the underside of pathway and the apparent lack of anything substantial holding it all together.

It became infamous at the turn of the century when there were some fatalities - this wasn't really much of a shock to many climbers who regularly saw inebriated youths josseling their way along the walkway. However it had the effect of making the local authorities blocking access to the start of the walk and so climbers have created an alternative start via a short section of via ferrata.

The route can be done in several ways and can take between 3 hours to travel along just the first canyon or 6 hours if both canyons are connected. Either way an adrenaline rush is assured. The video below is the classic film of a croosing of the initial section and the lack of hesitation is impressive....



We can also arrange accommodation for your stay or combine a trip along the walkway with a bit of rock climbing on the amazing walls of El Chorro.

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